About Studio

"Telecon" studio creates TV programs and documentary series, places TV products on TV channels of Ukraine. In the sphere of production the "Telecon" studio has been working both in internal and foreign market.

"Telecon" studio was founded in 1992. We specialize on creating own documentaries and TV programs; placing TV products and advertisement on regional broadcasting channels of Ukraine. We provide services on production of documentaries and TV programs.

The studio consists of two divisions:
"Telecon" studio (production);
"Telecon Distribution" (distribution and advertising).

"Telecon" studio's film crew worked in epicenter of Chernobyl accident, and since 1986 the studio constantly has been increasing the archive on this theme. In the films created by studio, namely, "I do not want to recollect" (10 years later after disaster) and "Ordinary Chernobyl" (20 years later after disaster) are collected unique interviews of the most powerful officials of that power (Gorbachev, Ryzhkov); the shots of all happened in the first days after disaster; destinies of people working in epicenter of tragedy, 10 and 20 years later.

The studio cooperated with BBC (Great Britain), NHK (Japan), CBC, 90th Parallel (Canada), Zolcer (Germany), Playfilm (France).

For Ukrainian viewer "Telecon" (except for single TV programs and films) created and showed a documentary series "Hostages of freedom", (1997, about problems of present Ukrainian emigration in the USA and Canada, 17 episodes) that was shown by 50 broadcasting companies of Ukraine. A daily cycle of TV programs "Music time-out", (1999, 365 episodes). The documentary series "Chronicles of hopes and illusions" (2000, 52 episodes) within one year was weekly broadcasted by more than 70 broadcasting companies of Ukraine. Documentary series "Chronicle of hopes and illusions. Mirror of history." (2001-2002, 84 episodes). Cycle of TV programs "Old album" (2002, 32 episodes). Television cycles "Human Resources" 2003, 26 episodes), "This is Ukraine" (2004-2005, 72 episodes), "Eureka" (2005-2006, 1098 episodes), "Chronicle of hopes and illusions. FizCultHurrah!"and projects under the order of "1+1" studio - documentary investigations: "The Violet of Terror"(2003), "Orange segment" (2005), "Trap" (2005), "The bloody trace is spreading" (2005), "Sobor on the blood" (2006).

Our Awards

  • TVTriumph 2007 National Award
  • Special award from "Inter +" TV channel (festival "Discover Ukraine", 2005)
  • The diploma "Best producer project" of professional annual rating "Leaders of broadcasting market of Ukraine" (2001)
  • The diploma for the best director's work at the VI International festival of television programs "Barkhatny Sezon" (the "velvet" season) (Ukraine, Kiev, 2001)
  • Silver prize (Houston, the USA, 1997)
  • Grand prix "Golden camera" (Chicago, the USA, 1996)
  • Grand prix "Golden hero" (Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, 1995)