Ordinary Chernobyl

Number of episodes - 2
Timing of 1 episode - 45 minutes
Timing of 2 episode - 40 minutes
Year - 2006

About the film

Makers of people's destiny did not trust people - people did not trust them. Large-scale crises arose on this balancing of truth.

The script writer of "Ordinary Chernobyl" Ham Salganik, the navigator of bomber force aircraft of the Second World War and the participant of numerous shootings in Chernobyl from the first days of accident and hardly till nowadays, tells about his viewing and estimations of Chernobyl events. This, very personal, monologue of life experienced journalist proposes viewers personally to estimate the things that are displayed on the television screen.

Video materials for "Ordinary Chernobyl" are the documentary shots of series "Chernobyl: two colors of time" withdrawn by heads of different levels (the series made in 1986-87 with the participation of H.Salganik was awarded with T.G. Shevchenko National Award of Ukraine), the original shots in Chernobyl zone in 1995-2004, and synchronous speeches of the chief state officials of the USSR and Ukrainian SSR, ordinary liquidators, heads of works on liquidation of accident. All these materials from archive of the studio a viewer will see for the first time.