For the first time 30 years on «1986.04.26 P.S.»


"Telecon" documentary film studio is disclosing unique film archives on elimination of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident.
The viewers have seen some of these frames in the «Battle of Chernobyl» shown on Discovery Channel, in the «River Monsters» shown on the Animal Planet, in a «Telecon» studio "Nuclear Killer" serial; «CHERNOBYL. 3828», and other films.

A series "Chernobyl.1986.04.26 P.S.» 20 episodes (20 X 6`- 9`).
Cadets - volunteers
Demolition and disposal of the villages
The Sarcophagus
The work of helicopter pilots
150 - mark. The banner
The city without people. Pripyat. June
Decontamination. Chernobyl
General Tarakanov
The army on the plant roofs
The graveyard for the cars
Michael Gorbachev «About misunderstanding of what was going on…»
Burn-through the wall of the fourth power unit
The trial of those responsible for the Chernobyl accident
Everyday life of liquidators
The red forest
The «Joker» operation
Undermining the reactor. The Miners
50-mark. Sleeve breach
«Fedya» and «Stools on the wheels»
The last operation of the «roof cats»

Valery Starodumov, a direct participant in the events, is commenting on the chronicle:

• 1982-1986: Chief Engineer of the Sverdlovsk radiation safety plant;
• 1986-1991 : Chief Engineer, Director of the Chernobyl radioactive waste decontamination and treatment enterprise - SE "Complex";
• 1991-1992 : Head of the "Pripyat" International Research Center;
• 1992-1996 : Concern "Ukratomenergoprom", Deputy Chairman of "Goskomatom";
• 1996 : President of NNEGC "Energoatom";
• 1997 : Head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine Directorate General;
• 1999-2002 : Chief Engineer of the "Bushehr" NPP construction project (Iran);
• 2002-2005 : Deputy General Director of the “Ostrov” company on NPP (Russia and Ukraine) and nuclear industry refrigeration equipment;
• 2005-2011 : NNEGC "Energoatom" Head of Section.

The media tend to remember these self-sacrificing people twice a year - on the day of the tragedy, on April the 26th, and on the Liquidator’s Day, on the 14th of December. But for the people of Chernobyl, who participated in the construction of the "Shelter", the 30th of November, the day of the Sarcophagus over the 4th reactor completion, is no less important.
The series "Chernobyl.1986.04.26 P.S.» is a reminder of the heroism of the liquidators, to whom whole generations are indebted. Yuri Samoilenko, Viktor Golubev, Peter Shvydko Valery Starodumov Nikolai Tarakanov ... a lot of them - thousands of real heroes who sacrificed their lives and health.