This is Ukraine

Number of episodes - 72
Timing of episode - 4-4,5 minutes
Year - 2004-2005

Each episode is a historical essay about a memorable place of Ukraine where the past and the present is inseparably linked. Thematically the project can be divided into several main cycles:

  • historical places (for example, field of the Poltava fight, island Hortitsa, the Panorama of the Sevastopol fight),
  • historical and architectural places (for example, Sofia park (Uman'), historical and architectural complex Chersonese (Sevastopol),
  • natural places (for example, the Shatskiye lakes, the Aj-Petri mountain, the Chertkov caves),
  • cultural and historical centers (for example, Pirogov museum (Vinnitsa), Bakhchsarai palace, the Ostrozh castle),
  • world sights (for example, the Livadia palace, the geographical center of Europe, the Genoa fortress (Sudak).

TV cycle "This is Ukraine" is an original visiting card of our country, video encyclopedia for everyone, who would like to get acquainted with its original unique history and culture.